2023 RV Care Online Catalog

MACHINE WASH/DRY NONSLIP BACKING STAIN RESISTANT PET FRIENDLY WATERPROOF LINING INDOOR/ OUTDOOR           € €   ‚ € ƒ „   09-7135 09-7134 09-7137 09-7138 09-7113 09-7136 DOORMATS CRUMB RUBBER MATS Non-woven printed door mats. Thick cushion, 100% recycled rubber backing, helps keep mat in place. Stain resistant, simply shake or sweep with a broom. Contains shoe scraping fibers to help keep dirt off the floors and on the mat where it belongs. 18" x 30" TEXTILENE MATS Durable woven surface, great for indoor and outdoor use. UV stabilized for all weather conditions. Water and stain resistant for long lasting beauty. PVC backing for soft cushioning and endless comfort. Cleans shoes and traps dirt. 18” x 30” 03-5400 STRB-14861-06 I Love Camping 03-5403 STRB-14900-12 Love Camping 03-5404 STRB-14901-12 This is How We Roll 03-5402 STRB-14732-12 Life w/o Camping is Unbearable 03-5405 STRB-14853-20 This is How We Roll 03-5406 STRB-14855-20 Life w/o Camping is Unbearable 03-5408 STRB-15820-20 Campers have Smore Fun 03-5409 STRB-15821-20 Home is Where You Park It 03-5414 CAMP-15218-20 Nutz About Camping OUTDOOR LIVING Washable Rugs 01-09 2023